More than fair pricing

We pay a very competitive and fair price for your key fobs. Many customers also ask how much do we pay for remotes? Here’s a breakdown of how we evaluate your shipment.

  • Smart Keys
  • $Highest/mo
    • Fobs with electronic access
    • Keyless start-up features
    • Typically worth the most

  • Flip Keys
  • $2nd Best/mo
    • Flip keys or remote heads
    • Switch-blade keys
    • Second highest prices

  • Standard fobs
  • $Lowest/mo
    • Any other fobs
    • Standard remote entry
    • Lowest value per fob

We Buy Fobs pays top dollar for your keyless remote fobs. Our pricing method is based on multiple things and it changes often. To give you a better idea of how our pricing method works, here are some of the things we look at when determining prices for remotes.

Supply and demand

If a remote is in short supply and has a high demand then it will have a higher price. Reversely, if there is an overstock of a remote and not a high demand it will have a lower price.

Year of vehicle

Typically the newer the vehicle the higher the price paid.

Style of fob

We classify key fobs into 3 categories: 1. Smart Key (highest price point) 2. Remote Head Key (2nd highest price point) 3. Standard Remote (3rd highest point)

Condition of remote

If a keyless remote fob has worn buttons or logos, cracked or broken cases or signs of heavy wear, it will affect the value.

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